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Backyard Steward Is For People Who Want To Furnish, Maintain, And Entertain Outdoors At Home -- And Are Looking For Ideas To Get Started

You know backyards are largely taken for granted by most of us. If you’re the one that has that old Ford sitting on concrete blocks in yours, please just move along. This site’s not for you. For the rest I’m thrilled you stopped by. This site is precisely what the name implies – a place dedicated to backyard enthusiasts. A place where conscientious backyarders can congregate and satisfy whatever backyard need arises. It is my genuine effort to effectively present a unique collection of those things that make a mediocre ho-hum backyard a dazzling thing to behold and enjoy.  Despite this, front yards are the easiest to take care of typically – and have an incredibly positive impact on your home’s value, your neighbor’s perception of you, and perhaps most importantly your self-perception. If you’ve got trees, hedges, a front porch, and so forth, having their condition maintained with a neat and trim appearance either requires a lawn service, or for the more cost conscious – you do it yourself.  That translates to a mower, and edger, and possibly a hedge trimmer, and even a leaf blower-mulcher.  The backyard has all the same needs but often includes some additional things.  For example a backyard often has a sidewalk, or paving stones, a garden, a patio, possibly a pond, swing set, sandbox, or any number of other items.  If you have children the list grows even longer.   Many people use their backyards like a painter uses the canvas and are constantly expressing their creative talents.  My personal favorite is working towards making the backyard a formal extension of the home; an outdoor second living room.  Of course if it’s a large backyard it can go beyond being a second living room.  It can include a pool or pond, or even a tennis court.  Point here is that it needs to be complementary to the home in every sense of the word.  In the end the most important use of backyards is perhaps the most frivolous – that is using it to have fun with your family and friends!  The best part of backyard entertainment is that it usually involves some form of physical exercise. 

Whether you use it to toss horseshoes, play badminton, swim in the pool, or simple gardening it turns into something you both enjoy and it’s good for you.  For that reason  Backyard Steward has all the standard game equipment as well as the latest electronics and novel giant sized games and toys.


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